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“Woledto:” Debut Album Release by Chilean Palestinian Singer Elyanna

Chilean Palestinian vocalist Elyanna has unveiled her debut album, "Woledto" ("I Am Born"), slated for release on April 12, as revealed on her Instagram account. Comprising nine tracks, including titles such as "Woledto," "Ganeni," "Calling U," "Al Sham," “Mama Eh,” “Kon Nafsak,” “Lel Ya Lel,” “Yabn El Eh” and “Sad in Pali,” the album represents a significant milestone in her developing music career. Addressing her extensive Instagram following of 1.2 million, the 22-year-old artist expressed her hope that the album would serve as a catalyst for self-discovery and connection, embodying her pride in her Arab heritage and roots in Nazareth and the broader Middle East.

Elyanna shared a promotional video on Instagram featuring her planting an olive tree, a symbolic gesture representing her personal growth intertwined with the release of "Woledto."

Captioning the post with a reflection on her identity, “I planted who I am next to an olive tree, to blossom into a white flower with my album, ‘Woledto.’”

She emphasized the significance of her familial ties, particularly highlighting her grandfather's involvement as the sole feature on the album.

In the accompanying video, Elyanna recited a poignant poem allegedly written by her mother, delving into themes of absence, distance, and reunion, evoking a sense of longing and resilience.

Fusing Arabic and Western musical influences, Elyanna's sound reflects her multicultural upbringing and artistic influences, drawing inspiration from known figures like Lana Del Ray, Beyoncé, and Middle Eastern icon Fayrouz. Notably, she made history in 2023 as the first artist to deliver a full Arabic-language set at California's prestigious Coachella music festival.

Currently, Elyanna is embarking on a North American tour, captivating audiences across major cities and showcasing her diverse musical repertoire. Her upcoming London performance, scheduled for May 6, has already sold out, signaling heightened anticipation for her European debut and the chance to experience tracks from her highly anticipated album firsthand. 

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