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Al-Ghamdi Brothers Revive Cultural Heritage in Baha Through Ancient Archaeological Restoration

In Al-Dhafir village, which is tucked away inside Al-Baha city, Yanallah Al-Ghamdi and his brothers have embarked on a major endeavor to honor and conserve the cultural tradition of their region. Their mission is comprehensive, aiming to breathe new life into an ancient archaeological structure, keeping the history intact and making sure it survives for generations to come. This project entails the building's thorough restoration and the creation of an exhibition space with antique medical equipment on display, offering insights into the daily lives and challenges of early settlers.

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Al-Ghamdi disclosed that their restoration efforts have been driven by unwavering dedication and personal sacrifice. The project aims to do more than just restore buildings; it seeks to completely revive Al-Dhafir village, recognizing its historical significance as a central hub where important events have taken place over the years. The village holds a wealth of historical and archaeological treasures, including landmarks like the King Abdulaziz Mosque, which was restored as part of the historic site restoration initiative of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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Al-Ghamdi believes that Al-Dhafir village holds promise as a tourism center, citing several structures housing government departments and the region's first school built in 1934 as noteworthy features. These structures underscore the village's historical importance in linking neighboring areas to Baha. Emphasizing its significance as an archaeological site, Al-Ghamdi hopes the Ministry of Culture will spearhead restoration efforts and historical documentation. He commends the Baha governor's office for its commitment to preserving regional heritage.

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Currently, the village hosts numerous programs and initiatives engaging the local community, especially the youth. Central to the restoration is a building repurposed as an exhibition venue for traditional medicine practices, deeply rooted in Al-Ghamdi's family history spanning generations. This project not only conserves historically significant buildings but also upholds the age-old knowledge of traditional medicine.

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Standing as a symbol of cultural heritage in Al-Baha, Al-Dhafir village is recognized for its rich historical value and continuous preservation projects. There is hope for the restoration of ancient landmarks all around Saudi Arabia thanks to initiatives led by people like Yanallah Al-Ghamdi, who make sure that the rich history of the nation is preserved for the benefit and education of future generations.

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