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Discover, Create, and Explore in Saudi Arabia this April

Experience the delightful transition of April in Saudi Arabia as mild spring transforms into warm weather. Engage in outdoor adventures, discover captivating artwork, and local products, and unleash your creativity through crafting and literary explorations.

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Abha Crochet

Join Aisha Al-Shihry for an entertaining crocheting workshop exclusively for women on Monday, where you'll discover the art of crafting dolls, plushies, and flowers from 5 pm to 9 pm

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Al-Ahsa Sightseeing tour

Embark on a five-hour guided exploration of Al-Ahsa, visiting its renowned attractions like the Rose Farm, Jabal Al-Qarah caves, and historic landmarks such as Ibrahim Palace.

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AlUla Maraya showcase

Celebrating local artists, the Maraya exhibition titled "More than Meets the Eye" displays paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, and videos spanning the last 25 years. On display until April 27th.

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AlUla Safari trip

Explore the captivating scenery of the Sharaan Nature Reserve and have the chance to spot the elusive Arabian ibex, adding a touch of luck to your visit.

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AlUla Skies Festival

Experience unforgettable moments amidst the stunning landscapes of AlUla. Whether riding a hot-air balloon over the mountains during the day or stargazing from a helicopter at night, enjoy symphonies and drone shows until April 27th.

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Dhahra Toddler Tuesdays

Children aged three and under can delight in toys, books, and engaging activities during Tuesday sessions at the Ithra Center's Children's Museum until April 2nd.
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Jeddah High energy 

Experience the thrill of a speedy journey aboard the fire boat at Jeddah Yacht Club. Feel the rush of tight turns and rapid dives into the water, guaranteed to get your heart racing. Don't miss out on this exhilarating adventure before April 20th.

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Jeddah Ramadaniat

During Ramadan, Jeddah Art Promenade welcomes guests to immerse in the essence of the sacred month and its customs. Enjoy cultural events, live shows, and family-friendly activities until April 15.

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Riyadh Fun time

Discover captivating hand-drawn 3D images by top artists worldwide at the Big Fun Museum of Illusion, where you can also enjoy a sensory experience at the Museum of Feelings. The exhibition runs until April 10th.

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Riyadh Smar Ramadan

Smar Ramadan, situated outside the capital's busy atmosphere, offers diverse entertainment and dining choices. Their iftar and sahoor experiences commence at 5 pm and continue till dawn.

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Riyadh Souq Al-Mawsim

Book a visit to the market at At-Turaif Park, offering locally made products and handcrafted items that bring a touch of traditional Saudi style to your home.

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Riyadh Strawberry farm

Join Roaa Saud on a guided trip to a strawberry farm with your loved ones, where you'll create cherished memories. Enjoy fruit picking, a DNA extraction experience, and iftar during this Friday event.

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