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Alana Hadid: From Fashion to Film - Leading as Creative Director at Watermelon Pictures

Alana Hadid, the elder half-sibling of models Bella and Gigi, is stepping into the role of creative director at the recently established Watermelon Pictures.

Watermelon Pictures is characterized as an independent film distribution, production, and financing enterprise, proudly Palestinian-owned. With a distinct focus on "cultural representation and social advocacy," the company seeks to amplify the voices of marginalized directors globally.


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In her statement, Hadid expressed the company's mission as providing a sanctuary for sidelined voices striving for creative expression. Through their film releases, Watermelon Pictures aims to both enlighten and motivate audiences worldwide to confront injustice.

The brand identity of Watermelon Pictures is deeply rooted in the vitality and tenacity of Palestinian culture, as reflected by the iconic fruit mirroring the colors of the Palestinian flag.

Mohamed Hadid with daughter Alana.

The inaugural project of Watermelon Pictures is a documentary titled "Walled Off," helmed by director Vin Arfuso. This documentary sheds light on The Walled Off Hotel, a boutique establishment managed by Palestinians in Bethlehem and financed and conceptualized by renowned street artist Banksy. The documentary explores the hardships that Palestinian citizens suffer daily through its storytelling, highlighting the importance of artistic resistance as a means of protest.

Co-produced by model and musician Anwar Hadid, Hadid's sibling, along with Roger Waters from Pink Floyd whose political stance, particularly on Israel, has been a subject of recent controversy, and Kweku Mandela, the grandson of Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa, "Walled Off" is set for release in select theaters and digital platforms on May 3.

Alana, born in July 1985 in Washington DC, is one of Mohamed Hadid's two daughters from his first marriage. Beyond her familial ties, she is recognized for her support of her half-siblings Bella, Gigi, and Anwar, as well as her older sister Marielle. Alongside her new role at Watermelon Pictures, Alana is also a fashion designer and co-proprietor of an eyewear boutique. Her runway debut occurred at Copenhagen Fashion Week last year when she opened the Saks Potts show.

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