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Imaan Hammam Shines in Jacquemus' 'Les Sculptures' Campaign: A Parisian Showcase of Elegance

This week, model Imaan Hammam stood out in Jacquemus' new campaign called "Les Sculptures." The model was seen wearing a variety of ensembles from the label's most recent collection in a series of stunning photos that were posted on the Instagram accounts of both Hammam and the brand. The images were artistically captured against the backdrop of charming Parisian streets, featuring scenes inside a studio and outside a pharmacy.


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In one eye-catching photo, Hammam wore a patterned black-and-white coat with voluminous sleeves and a high collar that brought to mind Gigi Hadid's outfit from Jacquemus' January show in Saint-Paul-De-Vence, France. Adding even more flair to her outfit, Hammam carried a coordinated bag, seamlessly merging with her coat's design. Her outfit, complete with black ankle-strap high heels and opaque black tights, exuded sophistication and elegance.

In another captivating shot, Hammam reclines on a pedestal, wearing a snug black dress with a hood partially obscuring her face. The collection, initially unveiled during the January show in Saint-Paul-De-Vence, marked a pivotal moment for Simon Porte Jacquemus, the Maison’s head designer, as he aimed to overcome recent challenges within his business with a lavish event attended by celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Kylie Jenner.

Featuring no more than three colors—black, white, and occasional bursts of vibrant red—the collection seamlessly blended understated elegance with touches of surrealism, including exaggerated sleeves, rounded shoulders, and unconventional waistlines and collars.

Hammam has already worked with the company on several occasions; in 2021, she appeared in the Spring 2021 campaign for Jacquemus alongside models Malika El-Maslouhi and Nora Attal, enthralling onlookers in a flared, wheat-yellow striped jumpsuit with delicate shoulder and chest straps. Her previous runway appearance for Jacquemus was in July 2020 in Paris which left a lasting impression.

Established in 2009, the label has experienced rapid expansion, largely attributed to the founder’s astute social media presence—radiating warmth and accessibility, a departure from the perceived aloofness often associated with high-fashion circles.

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