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Get To Know Simi Khadra, Saudi-raised, Palestinian It-Girl

Also The Weeknd's rumored girlfriend.

You might have seen her recently hanging out with The Weeknd, rocking the decks with her twin sister, taking photos with top celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, or you have probably saved a post of her for fashion inspo, meet Simi Khadra.


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She is a 28-year-old Saudi born and raised social media influencer, celebrity DJ, and entrepreneur, who is raised by Palestinian parents and lived in Riyadh, Dubai, and London. She has founded a beauty company that celebrates the beauty of the natural human complexion. “Enhance, not cover” is one of the main messages that she wants her beauty brand to portray. The company also showcases Simi’s creativity by the fun and expressive products they have. Inspired by her love of fine art, the ingenuity of her brand is translated into the ingredients, the functionality and even the packaging.


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When she’s not creating products for her beauty brand, you can often find Simi with her A-list group of friends traveling the world or posting her style on Instagram. What is really interesting is that her mother owned a boutique that is based in the capital of Saudi Arabia, so having that fashion influence almost came natural to her. Simi reports in many interviews that she used to go with her twin sister to many runways shows alongside their mother – as early as 15 years old!


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If you lose her, you’ll find her front row at fashion shows. Fashion is a huge part of her life and being able to express that through makeup and clothes shas always been her thing - even though she did not study fashion, particularly. Simi actually went to the University of Southern California with a double degree in film production and fine art. For her, the creative space in which likes to create can be endless and unlimited, as she states that Yoko Ono is one of her major inspirations.


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Oh, and did we mention she’s the sister of Fai Khada, in other words, Kendall Jenner’s bestie? It’s a celebrity affair indeed in Simi’s life. 

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