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Saudi Fashion Designer Suad Al-Fozan is Redefining Tradition with Contemporary Elegance

Suad AlFozan, a confident and accomplished fashion designer from Khobar, Saudi Arabia, now resides in Dubai where she has established herself as a successful businesswoman. She started studying fashion and design at Dar Al-Hekma University in 2005 and embarked on a journey into the realm of fashion within Saudi Arabia. Her venture gave rise to a ready-to-wear brand that quickly caught the interest of trendsetters in the nearby United Arab Emirates and appealed to the refined taste of the Kingdom's fashion aficionados.


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In 2019, Al-Fozan launched Vaya Fashion, a Saudi Emirati label focused on revitalizing the traditional abaya with subtle improvements, incorporating a spectrum of colors and prints ranging from tartan to organic motifs. The brand emphasizes top-notch fabrics and precise tailoring to meet every customer's expectations, prioritizing quality by sourcing premium materials and original embellishments from countries like France, Italy, and Spain for each collection.


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The collections represent a seamless blend of traditional and modern styles, offering a variety from coat-style variations featuring understated colors and nature-inspired motifs to hooded abayas adorned with houndstooth patterns. Vaya Fashion's presence graced the sidelines of Paris Fashion Week through collaboration with the Saudi Fashion Commission's Saudi 100 Brands initiative. Additionally, the designer presented her creations at a pop-up boutique in London.


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Al-Fozan acknowledges the seasonal nature of fashion, noting that the demand for kaftans peaks two to three months before Ramadan, while travel wear gains popularity before summer. However, the appeal of abayas remains consistent throughout the year. Presently, more than half of her customers originate from the Gulf region, with the rest consisting of expatriates, including Western purchasers. Al-Fozan's design philosophy revolves around versatility, striving to craft pieces suitable for various occasions, whether it be Ramadan gatherings, dinner parties, or other social events.


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Drawing inspiration from major designers like Italian Giorgio Armani, Lebanese Elie Saab, and French Stephane Rolland, Al-Fozan has gained recognition from celebrities including Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia and Emirati singer Ahlam, who have been photographed wearing her creations. With Riyadh emerging as a global metropolis, Al-Fozan aims to stage a grand unveiling of her latest collection in her homeland's capital, recognizing the city's burgeoning significance on the international stage. 

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