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Unexpected Success, Dina Aziz's Journey with the Ramadan Planner

When Dina Aziz created a Ramadan planner to help a friend who was feeling overwhelmed during the holy month of Ramadan, she didn't foresee its rapid and widespread popularity. Motivated by a desire to share her wisdom, Dina embarked on crafting a resource aimed at enhancing organization and concentration, thereby enriching the Ramadan experience.

Upon finalizing the document, Dina's friend shared it with acquaintances, triggering a cascade of shares that propelled the guide's popularity. Encouraged by family members, Dina, a British-Bangladeshi, overcame her apprehensions and posted the planner online for the broader Muslim community. The response was overwhelming, with Dina's platform quickly amassing followers from across the globe, eager to access the resource.

Such was the demand that the initial link crashed, yet Dina notes that the PDF was downloaded over a million times within 24 hours. Now published by a Penguin imprint, "Ramadan Planner: A Guide to Reflection and Growth During the Holy Month" encourages users to reflect on past experiences, make goals, and plan for a productive thirty days.

Dina, now a data analyst, recalls her childhood habit of crafting personal planners during Ramadan, recognizing the deep spiritual bond created through keeping a journal. She seeks to offer a customizable tool because she knows everyone's journey and way of worship are different.

The planner facilitates goal-setting, mindful fasting, meal planning, prayer tracking, dua listing, deed recording, and mental health check-ins. Dina emphasizes the importance of prioritizing energy during Ramadan, particularly when abstaining from necessities.

A distinguishing feature is the inclusion of Quranic verses reflecting each section's themes, allowing users to personalize their experience. Dina remains deeply moved by the messages of gratitude received, particularly from individuals with ADHD who found the planner instrumental in time management.

Despite widespread digital downloads, many opt for the printed version to limit distractions during Ramadan. Dina cherishes instances where the planner is utilized in educational settings, such as a Malaysian teacher incorporating it into the classroom.

For Dina, the Ramadan planner marks the beginning of her journey to inspire and support individuals in deepening their faith. She envisions creating a journal for Hajj preparation, recognizing the need for guidance amidst the pilgrimage's challenges. Additionally, she plans to explore other projects, fueled by her passion for inspiring positive change.

Outside of her endeavors, Dina shares modest fashion and lifestyle tips with her substantial social media following, hoping to extend her reach and influence for years to come. "Ramadan Planner: A Guide to Reflection and Growth during the Holy Month" by Dina Aziz is now available in hardback.

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