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Misk's 10-Year Anniversary: 10 Accomplishments By The Foundation

Misk Foundation just celebrated its 10 year anniversary, and for those who don’t know, this entity has played a major role in fostering Saudi Arabian talent and creating opportunities to further enhance society and build upon individuals’ potential.

One of their most known entities in their ecosystem, is the Misk Art Institute which is a non for profit organization that was created to empower local artists through establishing an ecosystem would support them with expertise and education.

Their initiatives and programs are quite varied as they hold exhibitions, workshops, and public programs. In addition to educational initiatives, they also have Misk Art Week, Art Residences and research entities that helps enrich the cultural scene in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Misk Art Institute reopened the biggest fine arts gallery in Riyadh in 2020. The cultural organization managed to reopen the Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Hall for Fine Arts in order to reinstate its crucial function of refreshing the art scene in the kingdom.
  2.  Over the course of one year, Misk Foundation has helped 585,700 beneficiaries.
  3. In Misk schools, the attendance rate is always more than 95% - even the virtual classes!
  4. At one point, Misk Art institute owned 10 artworks by Saudi Arabian artists that amounted to a value of 1,000,000 SAR.
  5. During the span of one year only, Misk had amounted 11,400,00 visitors to its events, exhibitions, and workshops.
  6. Misk Art Institute’s art residencies have spanned over multiple major cities in the world from Riyadh to Berlin.
  7. Misk Foundation launched 77 programs in just one years that varied from entrepreneurship, educational and more.
  8. Their startup investment funds have amassed a whopping 200,000,000 SAR in just one year. During that year, they supported 100 startups in the Saudi Arabia ecosystem.
  9. Research is very important to Misk Art Institute, so their teams have worked to release 24 research papers that had various interesting topics from such as “Blurring Lines: Art and Creative Industries” to “Culture Recultivated: Social Sustainability”.
  10. In terms of events, Misk Foundation has managed to conduct 190 both local and international events.

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