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5 Podcasts Hosted By Arabs To Listen To Right Now

As much as we are huge fans of True Crime podcasts, there are a host of podcasts that fall into every genre and micro-genre imaginable – in a variety of languages too! Saying that, podcasts are the sonic entertainment many of us listen to while we’re driving to work, at the gym, walking the dog, cooking…

We’ve rounded up 5 of the hottest podcasts to be indulging in from the GCC region – you will not be disappointed…

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When Women Win

This one is most definitely our vibe at and we love to see Arab women win! Hosting her podcast out of Dubai, Rana Nawas sparks conversations with women who are really doing it all – from entrepreneurs, celebrities, influencers and many more from all over the world.

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Startup Confessionals

Launching a startup is never easy and any business owner will tell you that it is full of highs and lows. In this insightful podcast, Yasmeen Turayhi chats with founders and discusses their journeys, from the highs, balancing life and work, the challenges and the disappointments.

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Pass the Kabsa

Straight out of Saudi Arabia and with over 150 episodes to get stuck into, Pass The Kabsa is an upbeat podcast hosted by 3 friends, Mohammed Al-Shamsi, Adel Al-Ghamdi, and Terki Shalhoub, who talk about all things Saudi Arabia and hip-hop music.

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The Hamburger Generation

This one is all about nostalgia as Isra Abu Zayed and Jamil Adas spark conversations and take a step back in time, to talk about their childhoods, and a plethora of other rather fun subjects such as Dungeons & Dragons, life decisions and even tell some interesting stories. 

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Arab American Psycho

This is a juicy one as host, Noor Elkhaldi, sparks unfiltered conversations about identity, relationships, social issues surrounding being an Arab woman, chats with some cool guests and talks about a tonne of other “interesting shit” – as reads the “About” section on the podcast’s page.

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