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Imaan Hammam: Face of Jean Paul Gaultier's Scandal Absolu, with Parker Van Noord

Imaan Hammam, a model of Dutch-Moroccan-Egyptian descent, is once again the face of a perfume campaign for the French luxury brand, Jean Paul Gaultier, this time representing their Scandal collection as an extravagant and high-fashioned diva. The latest release from the luxury label includes both male and female fragrances under the name Scandal Absolu. Accompanying this launch is a set of campaign visuals featuring the 27-year-old model alongside Dutch counterpart Parker Van Noord, both icons of the new generation that incite talk each time they appear. Scandal presents a delightful overdose of joy, representing a fresh fragrance experience for women. The sweet allure of honey intertwines with the sophisticated essence of gardenia, complemented by a seductive touch of patchouli, creating an addictive aroma that embodies the essence of Jean Paul Gaultier.


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Although Hammam first appeared on the Jean Paul Gaultier runway in 2013, her involvement in the brand's advertising activities didn't officially start until 2021 when the So Scandal perfume line was unveiled.

Hammam recently debuted Estee Lauder and Sabyasachi Mukherjee's lipstick collection, dazzling at the premiere in a chic floral mini dress paired with black tights and heels. Her half updo accentuated a striking makeup look, featuring sharp black eyeliner. Expressing joy on Instagram, she hailed the collaboration as a "dream," thanking Estee Lauder and Mukherjee.

The matte lipsticks, with names like Calcutta Red and Rouge Bengal, draw from India's vibrant hues. Encased in packaging adorned with Sabyasachi's 24-karat gold Tiger medallion, each exudes opulence. Hammam, appointed global ambassador for Estee Lauder in May 2023, expressed her honor and excitement, promising a remarkable journey ahead for followers. Reflecting on her role, she emphasized empowering girls worldwide, aligning with Estee Lauder's dedication to diversity and women's empowerment.

The impact of Hammam extends beyond her collaborations with Estee Lauder and Jean Paul Gaultier. Her standing in the fashion industry has been cemented by her appearances in ads for DKNY, Celine, Chanel, Givenchy, and Fendi, as well as walks for Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Prada, and Fendi.

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