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Springing into Creativity: Art Cafes and Studios Across the Kingdom

As spring begins, individuals find renewed inspiration, sparking creativity. Discover a selection of art cafes and studios across the Kingdom providing space and resources for aspiring artists to explore various mediums.

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Arty Café

Arty Cafe caters to all art forms. Guests access tools, space, and hot drinks to enhance their creative pursuits.

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Beehive Art Café

Beehive Art serves as a multifunctional space, encompassing a cafe, artists' studio, meeting venue, and training facility. Additionally, painting, sculpting, mosaic, and pottery workshops are offered.

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Café Ceramique

Cafe Ceramique provides a creative space for kids to interact and explore, while parents relax with coffee. Birthday party services are available.

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Fun & Art Culture Café

Fun & Art Culture Café entertains individuals and groups with games like darts, pool, video games, and board games. Additionally, it hosts live music.

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The Art Café

Indulge in coffee amid art at this cafe, where you can create your masterpieces. Its modern black-and-white interior invites creativity.

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Art Edge Center

Art Edge Center is a versatile art studio offering a plethora of crafts like glass carving, crocheting, pottery, and manga. Open to all ages.

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Art Space Center

Each week, the art center hosts a different painting workshop introducing various art schools and styles to enthusiasts including children aged 5-1.

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Art Vision

This art studio offers portrait, animation, painting on surfaces, and jewelry workshops for both adults and youngsters. Additionally, it features a gallery for artists.

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Artistic Touch

This studio specializes in pottery and clay works, offering workshops for aspiring potters and painting sessions on canvas and ceramics.

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Cube Art

Experience a creatively themed party at Cube Art. Select from various activities like painting, candle making, or pottery to enjoy with friends.

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Elements Studio

At Elements Studio, instructors guide you through every step of clay work, ensuring you master cutting, shaping, coloring, and glazing. The studio also offers painting and candle-making and more.

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Global Art

This institution allows children to develop as young artists and refine their skills. It's part of a network of international art centers fostering children's creativity.

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Lift Studio & Space

Fashion designers, sculptors, and traditional and digital artists are welcome to add vivid colors to the white interior of this multipurpose studio that serves as a gallery, studio, and art space.

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Modern Art Center

Exciting handcrafts await individuals and groups at the Modern Art Center. Whether solo or with friends and family, explore creative sessions like perfume making, canvas painting, and much more.

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Saudi Center for Fine Arts

As the first fine arts center in the Kingdom, this institution offers training for artists of all ages, focusing on their preferred painting styles.

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