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These 5 Arab Women Are Killing It In The World Of Crypto

No matter what they do, Arab women are trailblazers in everything they put their minds to – crypto being one of them.

Arab women are not only investing in crypto-currencies, but are also becoming founders, CEOs, co-founders, and blockchain specialists, just to name a few roles. With crypto becoming a highly talked about topic, and important to the global economy as it rapidly evolves, the crypto-world has seen a significant increase in investors. There is however, a major gender gap in the crypto industry, and it is one that is perceived as being male-dominated – and according to a study by WEF in 2021, it was confirmed that “women are underrepresented in the blockchain industry.”

Now more than ever, women are challenging these statistics and numbers and the industry is seeing an increase of women working and investing in the crypto world. Moreover, they are becoming pioneers in it. These are the 5 Arab women in the world of crypto that are ruling it…

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Salwa Radwi - Founder and CEO of Nuqtah

KSA-based NFT pioneer, Salwa Radwi is the founder and CEO of the MENA region’s first NFT marketplace, Nuqtah. Salwa enables artists to create opportunities in the digital world and showcase and sell their creations in that space. Nuqtah’s the end goal is to create a genuine community that harnesses and invites a variety of art creators, collectors and enthusiasts.

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Ola Doudin - CEO and Co-founder of BitOasis

Ola Doudin broke into the Arab crypto scene by becoming the CEO and co-founder of UAE-based BitOasis - the largest crypto platform in the Middle East. Ola is also an advisor to another Bitcoin payment platform in the region, named Yellow. Before making her foray into the world of crypto-currencies, Ola served as an executive at Aramex, and as a manager for Arabia 500.

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Dina Samaan - Managing Director and Co-founder of CoinMENA

One of the most noted women within the male-centric Arab crypto world, is Dina Samaan, who is making waves as the co-Founder and Managing Director of CoinMENA, the fastest growing crypto exchange in the region. Dina previously worked on a number of projects in the crypto and blockchain world as well as in real estate. She firmly believes that crypto is the future of money and business, and following her passion and taking her years of experience in the crypto field with her, led her to be the first woman to create a fully regulated crypto exchange.

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Dr. Amber Ghaddar - Founder of Alliance Block

Dr. Amber Ghaddar is Founder of Alliance Block, which is a company that is “building a decentralized, blockchain-agnostic layer two protocol that automates the process of turning any digital asset, or crypto product, into bankable security with an internationally recognized Individual Securities Identification Number (ISIN).” Ghaddar began her career in Global Investment Research and worked for major financial firms including Goldman Sachs, before joining the Cross Asset Solution team at JP Morgan in 2012 to work on structured and exotic products across Equities, FX, Rates, Credit, and Commodities.

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Iman Mutlaq - CEO and Founder of INGOT Broker LLC

Entrepreneur, financier and social activist, Iman Mutlaq founded and launched INGOT, a consortium of multinational companies operating across five continents that offers crypto services.

Mutlaq also raises awareness about crypto and blockchain in her vlogs on YouTube and social media explaining and simplifying the complicated crypto trading terms as well as sharing practical financial tips with her followers.

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